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Artemis Self-Defense

& Close Quarter Combatives

Welcome to Artemis Self-Defense

Artemis Self Defense provides individuals with the information and hands-on training necessary to keep them safe and feel more confident in their daily lives! 

Artemis Self-Defense

 -Artemis Self-Defense offers Self Defense, Close Quarter Combat, Martial Arts and Police Defensive Tactics Training 

 -We have a variety of private, on-site seminars to meet the needs of your organization, school or company. We are available for everything from lectures to specialized hands-on training. Contact us today to learn more. 

 – Our Realtor specific program addresses how to safely show a house or conduct an open house, and what pre-emptive actions to take to help keep you safe. 

 – If you have children, you may be interested in our Mommy and Me class where we will teach you how to safely navigate your life with young children. 

 -Have you considered a Home Self Defense Party? If you and your friends wish to learn more about reducing your risk of becoming a victim or how to defend against an aggressor, robber or would-be rapist, contact us today.  

We believe in making safety a priority and it is our desire that, through our program, you will find the confidence and freedom that you deserve! 

If YOU are ever involved in a deadly encounter; more than likely, whether you live or die, will be determined by whether you have trained and prepared.

                                 ~ Julie Werhnyak  🙂


Artemis Self Defense is currently only booking private classes – Call to book yours today!