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Artemis Self-Defense

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& Close Quarter Combatives

Welcome to Artemis Self-Defense

Artemis Self Defense provides individuals with the information and hands-on training necessary to keep them safe and feel more confident in their daily lives! 

Artemis Self-Defense


 -Artemis Self-Defense offers Self Defense, Close Quarter Combat, Corporate Safety, Martial Arts and Police Defensive Tactics Training.  In addition, Julie is an internationally recognized motivational/public speaker.

 -We have a variety of private, on-site seminars to meet the needs of your organization, school, agency or company. We are available for everything from lectures to specialized hands-on training. Contact us today to learn more. 

-  Our Artemis Defensive Tactics and De-Escalation Training Program  provides options for prevention, de-escalation and neutralization of violence.

Officers will learn tactical communication strategies and how to improve their restraint efforts and gain tactical advantage during resistant, dynamic encounters.  This will increase their safety, reduce the likelihood of injury to everyone involved and help them to achieve the most humane and responsible outcomes possible.

 – Our Realtor specific program addresses how to safely show a house or conduct an open house, and what pre-emptive actions to take to help keep you safe. 

 -Have you considered a Home Self Defense Party? If you and your friends wish to learn more about reducing your risk of becoming a victim or how to defend against an aggressor, contact us today.  

We believe in making safety a priority and it is our hope that whatever Artemis Self Defense  program you choose will increase your confidence, enhance your safety and reduce your risk of being victimized!

If I told you you would be involved in a violent encounter 5 months from today, what would you do differently between now and then to prepare?

~ Julie Werhnyak  🙂


Artemis Self Defense is currently only booking private classes – Call to book yours today!